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Types and classification of automotive connectors

Cars are the most familiar means of transportation in our daily lives. With the development of my country's economy and the general improvement of people's living standards, cars have become an affordable means of transportation for most families. High comfort, high speed, and high safety have become indispensable travel tools for modern life. Therefore, the automobile market is very large and its development is also very rapid. This year we are talking about the related knowledge of the connectors in the car wiring harness. Many people know that there are hundreds of car optical connectors. Do you know how to divide the types of car connectors?
Generally speaking, the types of automotive connectors can be classified from six aspects: electrical function, installation location, connection structure, shape specification, size specification, shape specification, and operating frequency, as follows:
1. According to electrical functions: electronic control module (car computer), lamp holder, temperature sensor, central electrical box, air conditioning wiring harness, audio entertainment
2. According to the installation position: chassis system, instrument panel, engine system, safety system
3. According to the connection structure: wire-to-wire, wire-to-board, board-to-board, flexible circuit board FPC, chip packaging (IC pin type)
4. According to size specifications: rectangular, round
5. According to the shape and specification: circular connector (common, coaxial), rectangular connector (sealed, unsealed)
6. According to the working frequency: low frequency and high frequency (with 3MHz as the boundary)
As for other types of automotive connectors according to purpose, special structure, installation method, special performance, etc., they can be divided into other categories, but they are generally just to highlight a certain feature and purpose, and the basic classification still does not exceed the above-mentioned division principle. Taking into account the technological development and actual situation of automotive connectors, I will introduce you to several other categories of automotive connectors: ① low-frequency circular connectors; ② rectangular connectors; ③ printed circuit connectors; ④ optical fiber connectors ; ⑤ RF connector.
You must sound familiar with some terms, even if you haven’t driven a car, you must have seen it in the first test of the subject, such as chassis system, instrument panel, engine system, temperature sensor, etc. The realization of these important functions is indispensable to the car’s electronic connection. The credit of the device. The above is the type of automotive connector that I want to introduce to you today. You have a more in-depth understanding of the type of automotive connector.

In recent years, with the general improvement of people's living conditions, cars are no longer a "luxury" that only the rich can afford. They have entered thousands of households. People have higher and higher requirements for safety, comfort, environmental protection, intelligence, etc., and more and more automotive electronic products have been applied, such as car audio, GPS navigation, entertainment facilities, airbags, In-car fiber optic cable network, ABS system, etc. As the internal structure of the car becomes more and more complicated, more and more car connectors are required. It is estimated that the number of electronic connectors in automobiles will be as high as 600~1000 per vehicle in the future, and the types of automobile connectors may also change. In the future, the market for automotive connectors will become larger and larger, and the development prospects are also very exciting.